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Pe Care Crutch Accessories Combo

  • PE Care Crutch Replacments
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Pe Care Crutch Accessories Combo


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The crutch accessories combo is essential for replacing worn or old crutch parts. The 22mm rubber ferrules, hand grips and underarm pads over time will wear. Through continual they will eventually need replacing to keep the crutches both safe, comfortable and clean.

The PE Care Crutch Accessories Combo is a great option for an individual who owns or is hiring crutches. Crutches must be maintained properly, therefor the underarm, hand and crutch tip grips need replacing on a regular basis. It will improve the performance and longevity of the crutches. More importantly, you should never use crutches with worn stoppers, as you risk bending or damaging the poles of the crutches.

The crutch tips are made of rubber and have a solid base of 2cms. They have a metal insert inside the base to restrict the metal pole from punching through the ferrule. Both the hand and underarm grips are also made of rubber. Being easy to replace, and a comfortable design, they fit most standard round poled underarm crutches. You can use these rubber tips on any crutches with a round pole diameter of 2.4cms or above. Most crutch poles have a hole diameter of 1 inch which is an industry standard.

It is recommended you replace the crutch tips every couple of months depending on how much you use them and the weight of the person. The recommended weight capacity on these crutch tips is up to 150kgs.  It is also important that you use the crutches as vertically as possible. This prevents putting too much pressure on the edges of the tips as this can lead to splitting or uneven wear. By taking smaller paces, and adjusting your crutches to the right height, this will prolong the crutch stoppers. 

This PE Care Crutch Accessories Combo pack includes a pair of the underarm grips, handle grips and stoppers. It is a must have for any individual requiring the use of crutches.



Armpit Covers -20cms

Hand Grips - 10cms

Crutch Tips -5.5cms

Hole Diameters

Crutch Tips -22mm

Hand Grip  - 22mm

Material - Rubber


Six Month Warranty from Date of Purchase

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Alana Hughes (Canberra, ACT)

PE Care Crutch Accessories Combo

Nadia Valana (Adelaide, SA)

PE Care Crutch Accessories Combo

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