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Walker Accessories

Browse through our collection of accessories for your walker and choose the ones you need. We have a wide range, so you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

We offer walker or rollator LED lights, perfect for when you need a little extra visibility, as well as rollator grips to give you a little extra support and stability if that’s what you need. We also have a range of replacement products, including our PE Care replacement walker wheels, as well as walker or rollator height adjustment knobs. Our products can help you improve an already great walker or rollator, so have a look and see what takes your fancy! +

Gadgets to Improve Your Walker or Rollator

Though our walkers and rollators are fantastic by themselves, we’ve found that some of our customers like to attach walker accessories to further improve their walker.

From Redgum, we have cup or bottle holders, great for on the go. We also offer tray table attachments and phone holders, essential for kitting out your walker to be multi-functional. Our PE Care products include walking frame glide skis, walking frame Zimmer wheels and a walking stick holder.

Our goal is to make your life as easy as possible, and our attachments and replacements can certainly do so. If you have any questions about any of our accessories feel free to reach out! We would love to answer any queries you may have and help you improve your walker even further. Read Less

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  • Aspire Anti Tip Wheels

    $72.00 In StockFree Shipping
  • Redgum 5inch Zimmer Wheels

    $59.00 In StockFree Shipping
  • Replacement Commode Toilet Seat

    $30.00 In StockFree Shipping
  • Replacement Underseat Walker Bag

    $30.00 In StockFree Shipping
  • Homecraft Net Bag For Walking Frame

    $32.95 In StockFree Shipping
  • Pe Care Walking Frame Glide Skis

    $25.00 In StockFree Shipping
  • Walking Frame Glide Skis – 22.2mm

    $35.00 In StockFree Shipping
  • Pe Care Walking Frame Zimmer Wheels

    $39.00 Returning SoonFree Shipping
  • Pe Care 6inch And 8inch Replacement Walker Wheels

    $45.00$55.00 Returning SoonFree Shipping
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