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Shower & Bathroom Aids

Taking a long shower is an excellent way to unwind and relax at the end of the day, or for some people, it’s their favourite way to start the day. Whenever you like to take your showers, at Mobility and Wellness we believe that it should be a relaxing experience and not another difficult chore to add to your day therefore we are proud to stock shower aids for the elderly & disabled. Read more

How Can Shower Aids Assist Your Wellbeing?

As we all get older, our mobility isn’t quite what it used to be. Slips, trips and falls become riskier to our health and when combined with a wet environment, it’s even more sensible to take precautions. It might even be that you simply can’t reach all those spots you want to when showering and need a little something to help you.

At Mobility and Wellness, we have a wide range of shower aids that can help you enjoy bath time to the fullest.

What Shower Aids Are Available To Purchase Online?

Shower aids can range from seats, chairs with wheels to help you in and out of your wet room, bathing accessories, and grab rails.

Non-Slip Bathroom Aids

Some of our most popular products are our range of non-slip bath mats made from rubber or wood, depending on what you prefer. A non-slip bath mat instantly improves the safety of your bath, shower or wet room and provides you with a slip-free surface. If you couple this with a suction grab rail, you can have a sturdy rail to hold onto whilst manoeuvring so that any wobbles are easily steadied.

Tap Turners Can Be A Useful Bathroom Aid

Often as we get older, our grip strength decreases. This is something that is commonly thought about when opening jars and tins with grip strips, electric tin openers and other such devices. But you might not be aware that there are tools available for you to use in the bathroom as well. If your taps are stiff or they need turning off tightly to avoid drips, we have two different styles of tap turners that can make turning taps on and off a breeze. Fitting snugly over your tap, these tools provide you with extra leverage and they come suitable for crystal taps and crosshead taps.

Body Washing Bathroom Aids

Once in the bath with the warm water running, we can also help you out with long-handled sponges, pumice stones, and even a flannel with a strap design which makes it easy to get clean without contorting yourself into awkward positions. You might also be able to benefit from one of our shower stools meaning you don’t have to remain standing all the time in the shower and also making it easier for you to reach all the way down to your feet, even if you aren’t using a long-handled sponge!

Purchase Shower Aids For The Elderly or Diasabled Today

Shower aids for the elderly are an excellent way to ensure that using the shower or bathroom remains a safe and relaxing environment, and enables you to retain your independence without fear of falling or slipping. Best of all, our entire range is available online and is eligible for free delivery.

We have a huge range of mobility aids including bariatric shower chairs, walkers with wheels, and a comprehensive range of mobility scooters for sale in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney.

If you’ve got any questions about our range or would like to discuss what might work best for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. Read Less

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